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“A strong organisation can make a bigger impact”

By April 14, 2021May 7th, 2021No Comments

Meet our new managing director Martijn Verbeek. Martijn has been involved with AL-organisation since 2006 and now we are welcoming him as our new managing director from the first of may 2021.

Dutch from origin, Martijn moved to South Africa in 2006 to run his hospitality business and as a founding director for ECO-label projects. Eco-label projects was active in social programs in the area like HIV/aids counselling, the after school club, sports competitions and outreach. That is were AL-organisation and Martijn started first working together on projects to help the most needy. Together we already have a history of making a positive impact on lives and we are hoping to positively affect many more from now.

Welkom on board Martijn!

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