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Meet founder and Program Director Thobile Msezane

She is the face of the organisation and has been the driving force behind AL-organisation since it was founded in 2001.
Her drive is to help people that need it the most, to relieve poverty and to put difficult topics on the agenda to talk about.

She is the head of a team of social workers, counsellors, facilitators and volunteers who go out in the communities every day to work on AL-Organisations projects.

Thobile has been working as a social worker in the deeply rural communities in Northern Kwazulu Natal since the mid 90’s. Since that time she has done countless house visits, has educated people in many events and projects and has helped numerous individuals when they needed it most.

She is a well known and a respected woman amongst several communities in Northern KwaZulu Natal. Thobile is keen to grow the organisation even bigger for the purpose to be able to help more people in the deep rural areas she works in.

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