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Help us to handle emergencies

Imagine meeting a person that needs immediate medical attention but there is no money for transport to the clinic. Imagine coming into a household of six people that have no access to food.

What do you do? -You help!

Our team members find themselves in situations like that and they help, budget or no budget. You as well can help with these emergencies. By doing that, you enable people that need the care to go to the clinic or feed a hungry child.

Become an ambassador

Because this is where you can make a real and sustainable impact!!!

There are several ways you can support our projects by getting involved and collaborate with our amazing team to improve the lives of people in our rural communities in KwaZulu Natal.

Because we have bills too

To do our important work our team members need an office, internet, transport and phones. Without these basics, our beneficiaries can’t always get the help they need. It might not feel like a big thing to contribute a little bit of money towards the phone bill of a social worker but it makes a big difference to our clients who need the support of our team.